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Athletic Training Clinic: Ages 13-14 (4 weeks)

What to expect:

  • Age-appropriate fitness concepts, techniques, and practices

  • How to train, fuel, and properly recover your body from exercise

  • Proper body form and exercise techniques

  • Reduce risk of injuries via proper movement patterns

  • Weekly educational and training content: 

    • Importance of hydration

    • How sleep impacts performance

    • Muscle groups and how they impact exercise

    • Cardiovascular fitness

    • Muscular Fitness

    • Agility and Speed

    • Power

  • Evaluation Tools:

    • Will use individual data of each athlete to compare and improve performance from one week to the next

Dates: July 19 - August 12

Times: Tuesdays and Thursdays ; 4:00 - 5:30 pm

Location: Minnechaug Regional High School, Wilbraham, MA

What's included: T-shirt, Educational Material, and Fitness Training

Head Coaches: Susie Lachowski-Glass, PhD, CSCS &

Bobby Arnett

Cost: $399.00 (Discount included in pricing)

Cost Breakdown of discount:

 *A typical S&C Coach or Physiologist in the area charges/costs anywhere from $80-140/hour, depending on level of expertise and usually does not include education, educational materials, testing and re-testing along with proper training.

*The breakdown of the GTE S&C clinic equals ~$33/hour with not one but TWO highly qualified S&C Coaches and Exercise Physiologists (~$17.00/hr). Additional S&C Coaches will be included into the Clinics for more individualized instruction, as needed.

The S&C Clinic includes age-appropriate high-quality fitness training, educational sessions/material, and uses each athlete's data to improve fitness levels each week.

*An emphasis on enjoyment and positive reinforcement is at the forefront*

This is the BIGGEST deal in the industry***

How are GTE clinics different than other fitness programs?

GTE uses research, data, and current practices with each training program to tailor to the age group, individual, or population at hand.  

Educational components are embedded into each session, program, and course to teach athletes why certain exercises are performed and when to implement them.  GTE wants the individual/athlete to be a part of the training process and to be able give the tools they need to succeed.

***GTE will follow all current CDC guidelines for the health and safety of particpants

***Detailed information will be provided with clinic sign-ups

***Contact for any questions

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