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B Strong Blood Flow Restriction Bands

There are many BFRT devices out on the market. How do you know which is best, the safest, or the most effective?  An elastic, pneumatic system is the safest and most effective device to use for people of all ages, conditions, and physical fitness levels.  The B Strong band system has tailored their system to be similar and just as safe/effective as the original BFRT device (the KAATSU bands from Japan). 


A rigid or “stiff” system (i.e. blood pressure cuff-like devices) pose potential issues when used improperly as well as they are increasingly more uncomfortable and difficult to use compared to an elastic, pneumatic system, such as the B Strong system.  The B Strong system is versatile, safe, effective and most individuals can be trained to utilize them for training purposes.

Trainer Packs (8 or 10 Bands)

This 8 or 10 band Blood Flow Restriction Professional Pack is ideal for trainers & therapists who work with clients and patients. The package contains a range of BFR bands to accommodate limb sizes between 7 - 29 in (18 - 73.5cm). Includes 4 arm bands and 4 or 6 thigh bands (all different sizes to accommodate different limbs), two pumps, and a carrying case

b strong bands.png

Individual Packs (4 Bands)

This 4 band Blood Flow Restriction Individual Package is ideal for the clinician/trainer or individual looking to get started with BFR. Includes 2 arm and 2 thigh bands, one pump, and carrying case. Any combination of sizes can be made for arms and legs can be chosen

individual pack.jpg

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