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"I began blood flow restriction training with Susie Lachowski in November of 2018. My surgeon recommended BFRT, since traditional physical therapy alone was not properly restoring my atrophied muscles. Susie stood out as the most qualified person to work with because of her extensive research in the area of blood flow restriction therapy, including her dissertation

Susie began our regiment by taking baseline data in order to identify areas of weakness. After that we worked together twice a week in order to rebuild the muscles in my right leg. When I began working with Susie I could not walk up stairs and had begun having hip pain due to the imbalance of my leg muscles.  By the time we finished working together in June of 2019 I was pain-free and could do all physical activities.


My physical improvements are a direct result of Susie’s hard work and considerable insight into the fields of exercise physiology and blood flow restriction therapy. She created an individualized program to target the specific weakened muscles. This allowed for optimum growth and rebuilding of muscle cells, which in turn led to a return to my pre-surgery physical abilities.


Not only is Susie extremely knowledgeable, she is professional and wonderful to work with. Completing blood flow restriction exercises is grueling and yet Susie always found a way to make it fun. It was something that I looked forward to going to each time. Susie truly changed my life and I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to work with her"

BFR Training

Elise A.

BFR Cert Course

"Awesome course!

Dr. Lachowski does a great job at breaking down “why” blood flow restriction training works and how to properly apply it in the rehab and strength and conditioning settings. This course was very “hands-on” and very practical. I was a skeptic before the course but now feel very confident with BFRT and it has become one of my favorite modalities in my PT “tool box."

Paul Marquis PT

Testimonial for BFRT

"I was having a tough time recovering from a total knee replacement.  My knee still had a great deal of swelling and it hurt after I drove, where I would stagger out of the car.  I also had some residual pain from a frozen shoulder on my left side.  All I did was try the exercises suggested by Susie Lachowski, this was to apply the cuffs to both my arms and legs, do 30 squats in a row while doing bicep curls with my arm at the same rate, pause for 30 seconds and repeat twice.  I did increase the pressure in the cuffs every couple of days.  After about a week, I was already feeling better.  After two weeks, I was able to see my knee cap again (the swelling had decreased significantly).  I now just put them on about every 3 days to get a nice rush of fluid to keep myself limber and feeling good.  These exercises only take about 7 minutes a day.  I am thrilled that this helped.  It even helped my frozen shoulder so nice I can sleep on that side of my body if I want to.  I am disappointed that more PT's do not know or prescribe these since I tried 3 different PT offices and didn't have much relief."

Jill B.

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